Finite Software Systems was established in 2007 as a main outsourcing partner of ASSD Germany. The Company now boasts two development centers – based in Sofia and Plovdiv – and a team of more than 25 software engineers of diverse technological capabilities, such as PHP, .NET, Java, Databases, iOS, Android, etc.

The product portfolio of Finite Software Systems spans web and desktop-based applications, mobile applications, distributed systems, business intelligence and data mining, networking, databases, telemetry and M2M solutions, and much more.

Driven by its day-to-day need to execute, monitor and control software development effort across multiple clients, teams and offices, Finite Software Systems was inspired to create work&log as a versatile time management tool. The work&log solution automates the processes of aggregating work data on both project-based and operative work, and translates these into insightful tailor-made reports to foster efficiency and boost productivity.