Improved team performance and cost efficiency Monitor your teams’ workload in real-time. Promptly identify untapped potential and curb wasteful trends to boost productivity and profitability. Actionable project and business intelligence Flexibly mold data into meaningful reports to gain insight and take informed decisions. Craft estimates and plan team workload based on hard and fast facts. Granular definition of access levels and custom roles Fine-tune permission levels and set up as many custom roles as you wish to suit your business needs. Prevent unauthorized entries and edits to ensure data authenticity. Key metrics at your fingertips wherever you are Instantly access live data at the click of a button. Stay in control – any time, any place – and manage distributed teams with ease.

Rumen Ivanov CEO

As the CEO of a company with multiple distributed teams, in the past I struggled with keeping track of ongoing projects and resource availability. Now that we use work&log, I get real-time snapshots of teams’ workload, targets and planned leaves at the click of a button. Thus, I can channel my time and energy into the sustainable development of the company, instead.

Hristo Iliev TL

Now that my estimates are based on historical data accumulated in work&log, their quality has improved dramatically. What is more, by comparing estimated task duration to actual data from the teams’ logs, I can quickly spot projects that are off track and take immediate corrective measures. Plus, generating progress update reports for customers has never been easier.

Alexander Georgiev TL

Thanks to work&log and its versatile monitoring and reporting capabilities, I no longer need to micro-manage my teams. Furthermore, the platform allows me to directly compare productivity across team members or over periods of time to identify high or low performers. This is particularly useful when it comes to handing out bonuses or promotions.

Anna-Maria Simova
Payroll and Accounting

work&log saves me tons of time each month. Invoicing customers based on billable hours now only takes me a few clicks. Employee’s targets automatically reflect holidays and sick leaves, making payroll accounting a breeze. Also, I can produce overtime reports in split seconds to make sure extra efforts do not go unnoticed, which has raised team morale immensely.